Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anthropological Landscape

 These pictures tell the story of mountaineer pride at WVU. On the campus of WVU students wear gold and blue all the time to show their pride for their school. It is not uncommon for someone decked out in gold and blue to shout "Lets Go!" at a person passing by representing the colors, only to the expect the proper response of "Mountaineers!". 

I choose to photograph this particular place because of all the gold and blue representation. This is the book exchange, a popular place for students and parents to buy WVU clothing and accessories.The caption tells the whole point in these pictures. It tells that the theme was WVU pride in their colors. Without the caption there would be little meaning in the pictures.
What didn't work for me in this assignment was finding things to photograph that told a story. It was hard coming up with an idea that would fit for this assignment and that would be possible. Next time i would spend more time going out and looking for an idea rather than spending time trying to think of one.

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  1. The fish is a great capture of this sentiment -- and in more ways than the street scene, because not only does it capture, literally, the blue and gold, more importantly it indicates the imaginative lengths to which fans go to express their pride.